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We can’t help but fall in love with Sonam Kapoor a bit more after each of her interviews or public appearances. With her impeccable style game, fun demeanor, that perfect smile and never failing to voice her opinion against social evils, she is an inspiration to many. Her Instagram account is a delight to browse
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Let’s paint a picture of the quintessential Indian bride – ‘a shy, coy woman hiding behind her veil adorned in a heavy red outfit. She stresses about her big day for months on end and sits pretty with a plastered smile on the big day’. A lot of you young ladies might be screaming already
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“I love jewelry – gold and diamonds. I’m a woman” – Monica Bellucci Hell, yes! This famous quote by the ex-Bond lady and one of the finest actresses around resonates with almost every woman. Needless to say, the relationship between jewelry and women is one eternal love saga that has witnessed the tide of centuries.
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Melbourne, Australia–Last year, Rio Tinto made an astounding discovery at its Argyle mine in Western Australia and never said a word about it. The diamond mining company unearthed a 9.17-carat piece of rough that yielded a stone Rio Tinto Diamonds’ Patrick Coppens describes as “impossibly rare”–a 2.83-carat fancy deep grayish blue violet diamond that it